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Hospital Management


Scandinavian Quality Care provides turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals. Scandinavian Quality Care has a long experience in hospital administration, project management, medical equipment procurement, development and advisory.

Hospital Management offers to take full responsibility for running the operation of the hospital in a cost efficient way and at the same time offer high quality outcome.

All hospitals receive a tailor made solution. How management looks depends on each individual hospital/clinic. We manage the team by using executive search in order to find the best possible hospital managers for Your hospital.

We work with efficient processes and management models incorporating effective IT systems.

Management also includes benchmarking towards the latest in hospital development around the world and especially keeping up with Scandinavian evolutions.

Hospital Management is aimed at hospital owners that;
wants to increase quality

  • Lower the cost

  • Increase number of patients

  • Upgrade or renovate the hospital with new equipment or a new department

  • Change management

  • Downsize or restructure the organization

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