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Turn-Key Services

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Strategic Turn-Key projects

The complexity in today's global business area are multidimentional. There is not one party doing it all. Joint collaborations is the key and the glue or connect them so that your project moves according to goals and budgets with the right result. Our consirtium of deliveries guarantees your project and make you have 100% control of the development.


Major challenges for owners and developers

  • Project driver and investment strategy

  • Excellence in Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality management are essential for a successful project

  • Prevention of delays in implementation schedule has a huge impact on the discounted cash flow of a project

  • Sustainable cash-flows to secure competitive project financing

  • Track record in similar projects and experience in implementation methods ... understanding of local construction industry requirements

  • Project owner’s organization experience and resources

  • Use and availability of local suppliers, contractors and service

    providers to optimize construction and operational costs

  • –  Location (legal, tax, unions, language, culture...)

  • –  Riskappetite

  • –  Life cycle sustainability

  • –  Local community development and enhancement ... adding value

Business Meeting

SQC EPCM Approach for Complex Projects

  • SQC’s EPCM services are a professional consulting services assignment under which the EPCM services are limited to the execution of basic and detailed design and procurement services, construction management and coordination of the works necessary to deliver the project.

  • SQC as the EPCM consultant acts as the client’s representative and supports the client in its procurement by organising the tendering processes, evaluating the tenders and makes recommendations to the client on the selection of the suppliers and contractors.

  • SQC’s role as the EPCM consultant is to support the client’s project manager, who always retains the responsibility for the overall project, by delivering certain agreed services ... All decisions are made by the client.

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